Corporate Training

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Students seeking admission into Corporate Batch will receive extreme care, starting from scratch of fundamentals to the advanced concepts to become highly skilled experts in Oracle Fusion Financials. Students with zero subject knowledge too will be closely monitored on hourly basis during the entire day classroom session, till the completion of the course and they are also given academic & career support until getting placement.

Personnel Attention

One-to-one personal attention is given to all students including those with no prior knowledge in the subject of Oracle Fusion Financials. The subject is taught in depth in order that the entire lessons get implanted permanently in the minds of pupils. Each student is given individual attention to ensure all the essentials are grasped perfectly by everyone in the class.

Practical Tests/Review at the end of every two hours

The extent of progress in learning is closely monitored and reviewed every two hours by conducting tests on learners, every day. Prantek Institute dedicates itself and never compromises in infusing the total subject in all the students of Corporate Batch.

Main Features of Corporate Batch

Prantek Institute is a Single-Point Solution that lays a career-defining golden path for curious aspirants.

  • Students who followed at least 90% of our instructions have been able to get placements successfully in a very short period of time. More than a thousand candidates from us have been benefitted in the last twelve years.
  • The daily training programme is of ten-hour duration and includes the activities like preparation, documentation and presentation by case studies.
  • Individual discussions/Group discussions are regularly held to determine the depth of knowledge acquired by each & every student.
  • Bi-hourly Output of students is monitored to ensure proper grasp of the subject, both theoretically and practically.
  • Candidates who finish the course of Oracle Fusion Financials through Corporate Batch from us will emerge as highly skilled professionals to work independently in the organisations they are recruited in.

Special Advantages of Corporate Batch Students

  • Candidates will continue to get our academic support even after completing the Oracle Fusion Financials till they get placement.
  • Although the Corporate Batch students will, no doubt, acquire tremendous amount of practical knowledge on completion of the course, but in case of rare necessity they also will have the advantage of receiving practical guidance from us for considerable length of time, until they get adapted to the office work after getting recruited.
  • Being educated and practically trained by us will empower the students to carry out any task in Oracle Fusion Financials successfully and will make the candidates as treasure troves of deep practical knowledge. No company can afford to lose our Corporate Batch candidates who would be superlatively precious assets for the organisation they work in.